The Moscow  Publishing   House "Three Squares" ("Tri Kvadrata") has  published an extraordinary   new   book : "By  Chance  of   Fortune"  Almanac   ("Po prikhoti sud'bi").
The  Almanac  covers  the  time  period  from  1914  ( the  very  first  article by poet  E. Bagritsky ) to 2004 ( the latest poems by A. Mejirov ).
     The editors of  this  "global" book  have  assembled  under one  "roof"  many authors living in various cities in the USA  and Israel,  in  France,  Russia  and  Kazakhstan. They include :  V. Voinovich,   A. & Yu.  Gert,   E. & S. Dovlatov, N. Korzhavin,   V.Markov, V. Nekrasov,   A. Parnis,   S. Polishchuk,  L.Gomberg,  D. Rubina, and  A.& V. Sharov. One  of   the  sections  of   the  Almanac   is  dedicated  to  the  famous  Russian   writer V.Nekrasov.
     In   addition   to   poetry   and   prose,   readers  of  this  Almanac   will find the first publication   of  anonymous  letter  to  Lili Brik,  letters  by writer A. Sharov, L. Levine's memories of her family's escape from Nazi Germany  in 1939,  musician  Y.  Beliavsky's memories  of  the  "Exodus"  of  Jews  from  the  Soviet  Union  in  the early 1970s  and autobiographical    essay   by    artist   S. Polishchuk.  The  editors  have  also   included interviews   by  S. Dovlatov   with  V. Nekrasov,  V. Levinovsky  with  dissident  writer B.Yampolsky; interviews by  S. Blokh and  V. Roytman  with E. Dovlatov (S. Dovlatov's widow) and S. Polishchuk.
     The supplement to this  book contains  "Brief  Biographical  Notes  on  the  Authors".
     The Almanac is  handsomely  illustrated with drawings and pictures by A. Dodina, S. Polishchuk,   D. Blokh,   A. Rees,  E. Bagritsky,  V. Mayakovsky  and  photographs  by  V. Roytman. 
     S. Blokh & V. Roytman, the compilers of the "By Chance of  Fortune"  Almanac,  are known  for  their  previous   books :  "Poetry and Prose" by   Velemir Khlebnikov (1986) and the two-volume almanac "I'm a Genius,  Igor'  Severianin" (1996). Both  books were published in New York by  "Gilei Publishers".
     The Almanac contains 496 pages.
Questions regarding this Almanac send to:

     Serafima & Vladimir Roytman
     2911 Brighton 5th Street # 5G
     Brooklyn, NY 11235
Cover: 25 Cages (engraving) by Slava Polishchuk